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Anonymous April 4, at 3: Anonymous May 1, at 4: India has no formal Porn Industry. That's it plain and simple. The problem is in Arab societies that give men more privileges than women. Patriarchy is one of the biggest problems we have and it affects the lives of women and men alike. It proves the man was virile enough to do his task.

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If I choose to be abide by my religion and not have sex outside marriage then I can't be blamed by anyone and if I don't then that's between me and God.

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I lost my virginity in a curl way and now I'm terrified and suffer from PTSD all because I'm afraid that my father and mother would find out and then I'll be either rejected my whole life by them and called a whore or something would happen to them from the shock and then I'll have to live with guilt. On the opposite hand, rape scenes or scenes showing sex offense were shown. Even if my mom or dad or husband condones my punishment what exactly does their title mean if what they want is for me to be shamed or hurt. Sometimes the girls do not bleed, not because they lost their virginity but because the hymen could be elastic or has pores which allows penetration without significant bleeding. India has no formal Porn Industry. As they are shot by mobile phones and not high resolution video cameras. Marriage is a union of two people, a partnership that hopefully lasts a lifetime, where a woman and man share the good and bad and support each other through life.

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